March 24, 2021, 11:54 am combat

Vampires can combat with each other in this part of the game. There are two sections of Combat, Fight list and Arena List . If you can be in the top 10 of fight and Arena list ,you will be rewarded with jewels from the game.

The result of a combat depends on the Vampire Level, number of clans, skill ranks, number of abilities and their level etc.

When a player win a fight he/she gets blood, exp and skill rank from the losing one. If a vampire lose the fight after attacking another still he/she receives exp .And exp are required for leveling up .

For leveling up quickly ,the fight and arena list are really very important. You can gather more exp here rather than doing missions.

If a player is eager to level up quickly ,he/she should fight in the fight/arena list.


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