Story Line Of El-Tajin

March 21, 2021, 5:21 am gloria

Before ancient times, the world was full of terror and curses. It was a safe home for Evil creatures. The monsters were destroying the world with their madness.

El-Tajin appears in the world as a blessing for all kinds. He was able to bring back peace on earth.

But his most loyal companion "Omodamos" betrays the king. Omodamos was buried alive along with his men in the tomb of El-Tajin. After the event, the spirits of Omodamos guard the Tomb of El-Tajin for eternity.

Your mission is: kill the spirits of Omodamos, Rise the king and come back to the castle safely.

In the given map of Gloria, you will find 25 Lands. Each land has its own mystery.

First of all, to start the mission, you will need path tracker,Trinity and Blaze stones.

Path tracker will help you to get through the journey. In every mission you will need path tracker.Trinity will help you to unlock a door. There's a very cruel witch's Land in your journey .You have to kill the witch to reach your destination. To kill the witch you will need Trinity that can only be made by crystal boxes. To get the crystal box you have to visit The dead Hill.You will need Empty Pouches to keep the boxes.

Then your next destination will be Lanier Lake ,you can find the Trident there.After collecting the Trident ,your next destination is Peridot Castle where you will face the Witch .Kill the witch ,The witch will give you a key to unlock another door "Pillar of Omodamos".

Before you visit El-Tajin Tomb ,you will need Blaze Swords to kill the spirits of Omodamos.Go to "Hollow Tops "to collect the Sword.

Now you are ready to kill the spirits. Visit Tomb of El-Tajin .Kill the Spirits.

If you die during the fight with the witch or Omodamos your journey will be over. You will lose everything that you have achieved from the mission.

 After killing the spirits it's time to come back to Castle.If can safely come back home,your mission is full filled.

Go to Gloria to unlock the reward.


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Story Line Of El-Tajin
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