Vampire Dynasty News

25th Mar 2021 , 9:12 AM


Clan members are very important for gameplay. It rises the chance to win in a fight. Some missions require a particular amount of clan members. Clan members can gift you ma Read More...

24th Mar 2021 , 11:54 AM


Vampires can combat with each other in this part of the game. There are two sections of Combat, Fight list and Arena List . If you can be in the top 10 of fight Read More...

24th Mar 2021 , 11:47 AM


Horkos is the Oldest and strongest Vampire of All Time.  Meet with him every 12 hours. He will reward you according to your passage. Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 2:56 PM

Blood Bank

There's a bank in Dynasty known as "Blood Bank". To keep your blood safe, you can use the bank. If you don’t want to lose your blood in an att Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 2:54 PM

Leader Board

Leader Board is the most competitive place of Vampire Dynasty. The Leaderboard is divided in 4 parts. *Vd Leader *Assassin Leader *Bounty Leader Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 12:50 PM

Judge On Avatar

One player can judge another payer's avatar. They have 3 options to judge an avatar. If a player gets the judgement of Toxic that will minus 1 from their scor Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 11:36 AM

Discussion Board & Forum

In-game Discussion and Forum are available for any kind of support and issues of the game. In discussion, players communicate with each other and talk about the g Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 11:02 AM

Background And Familiars

You can also choose a background for your avatar. Familiars are your most loyal companions in Dynasty. Once you purchase them they will be always there for you no Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 10:35 AM


Everybody loves a cool outfit. There are some cool outfits available in the game. The game often comes up with some gorgeous outfits. Players love to decorate their avata Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 9:14 AM


Wings are the most beautiful part of Dynasty. It will update your look a thousand times better than any ordinary avatar. Tomaso and Gemina are in charge of wing Read More...