Vampire Dynasty

Vampire is an immortal creature who always has the hunger for blood which gives the strength to survive, lives in shadows because of their inability to go in sunlight which make them the King of darkness, capable to control super natural abilities, possesses special abilities and powers to rule upon the dynasty. You have to play the game as a Vampire, where you have to do missions to gain blood and you will be able to learn more Vampire abilities like Fangs and others which will increase your powers. As it's a text based game, so there is Character named Gloma who will teach you how to play the game at the beginning stages and will give you some tips which will help you in future to play the game like a master. So pay attention to her every word. And Jefin is another character who will give you beginning tasks, if you can complete the tasks within the given time you will get rewards from her.Don't underestimate her rewards; you will regret later if you miss her rewards, so grab them as much as you can


Amazing Features


Elders are the Guardians of The Vampire Dynasty. They show and lead the way to become more powerful.

New Portals

Many more mythical lands and lost events can be experienced from portals. Portals offer an adventure of ancient age.

Boss Fight

Boss fight is a breath taking experience in the game. To prove a player’s qualification ,it is an essential part..

Avatar Customization

The game offers some cool outfits for the players. They because much more attractive and powerful by the customization.

Avatar Wings

Wings are the most beautiful features of the game . Wings gives the proper look of a Vampire avatar.

Avatar Judgment

A player can judge other player's avatar outfits on their outlook. It helps a player to choose better outfit for themselves.

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To be a part of Vampire Dynasty, first of all every player must sign up for their account. Every player gets full Energy,Rage and Health filled as a beginner. The journey a player is going to experience will take him/her to a whole new fantasy world.

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