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Horkos is the Oldest and strongest Vampire of All Time.

 Meet with him every 12 hours. He will reward you according to your passage.


Lyssa is the greediest Vampire in the Dynasty. Vampires can spin a wheel called "Luck Of Fortune" by visiting Lyssa. She gives some unique abilities from the spin. As her nature, she cuts a defined amount of blood from the player's account.


Markus knows how to deal in the Dynasty.Player's can collect Energy boosts,rage boosts ,health boosts and many more unique items from markus.


Evalona is the smallest vampire in the dynasty. She has got all the upcoming news of the Vampire Dynasty. She belongs to a Royal Family that once ruled the world. She has all knowledge that gives her a Dynamic personality. Player's should visit her every day to check the news and to collect free gifts from her every 2 hours.


Zollux is a vampire who has a great collection of abilities. And the good part of Zollux is you can trade your abilities with him. Zellux is a trader in the Dynasty.

Loriya, the girl who carries such magical powers that opens the path of the past and future. She is a Vampire with a lot of magical gifts. She sees the other world where the terror of all time belongs. Don't just be amazed by her beauty, her magics are incredibly powerful. She is the only one who can take you to another world.


Thomas and Gemina are known as Artisians.If a player is looking for some excellent magical handicrafts, he/she has to visit them. All a player will be charged are for the materials and there will be some changes. 


Gloria is the sister of Loriya .
She is also known as the Traveller in the game. She will open mythical Lands for you. If a player can solve Gloria's portal, he/she will be a more valuable and powerful vamp. When a player is doing a Gloria mission, he/she should not go back to the castle without completing it. If he/she does, that may cause him/her to lose everything that they have achieved from Gloria.

If anyone dies during a Gloria mission, he/she have to start it from the beginning. So it is suggested to be careful in Gloria's missions.



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