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March 22, 2021, 7:09 am loriya

"Curse Retreated" is one of Loriya's portals

You will find 7 chapters in the "Curse Retreated". Each chapter contains 5 different missions. After completing each chapter you will get an ability.

Summary of Chapter 1: A group of blood feasting beasts invaded the tomb of King Darwishi in search of the mystery of reincarnation. The competition is rising in Dynasty. The race is becoming more furious day by day.

Ability : Scholarly Shrewd

Summary of Chapter 2 : Egyptians respected  Pharaohs. After death, their bodies were preserved as mummies inside the tombs. But at the full moon locals hear some sound coming out from the Tomb. Feels like someone is rising them or making a sacrifice in there.

Ability : Sly Savior

Summary Of Chapter 3 : Whoever enters the tomb of pharaohs and tries to divulge the mystery of mummies, will be cursed to death. According to the prophecy of a necromancer whoever makes it through the expedition of the tomb of King Darwishi successfully, will be the next most powerful ruler of the dynasty.

Ability : The Exposer of Ingenuity

Summary Of Chapter 4 : Vampires think of the necromancer as the discreet one as well as undefeatable. Some of them did take quite a number of failed attempt to win over him. One way or another, their death is confirmed. Either in the hands of the necromancer or from the curse of Pharaoh.

Ability : Producer of Audacity


Summary Of Chapter 5 : Some vampires have chosen the dangerous path to the Pharaohs Tomb. The path is not easy to pass. Some of them have lost their ways for forever and some are eaten alive by the Necromancer beasts. Before they understand the situation they meet their forfeited fate.

Ability : Far-sighted Eyes


Summary Of Chapter 6 : Necromancer and the evil mistress “Fiera” had a history. They are always loyal to each other. Their greed of growing stronger knows no bound.

Ability: Suave Spectator


Summary Of Chapter 7: Supporting Fiera cannot be limited to achieving the dynasty only. What if the evil mistress dies? Can’t he just kill all the vampires alone to get the dynasty? What does Fiera possess that urged him to obey her? It is high time that the answers of these questions should be exposed to the vampires.

Ability : Strategic Supporter

When you will complete the whole chapter of Curse Retreated, You will get an extra Epic Ability.

Epic Ability: Insight Initiator


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