Vampire Dynasty News

22nd Mar 2021 , 7:09 AM

Loriya's portal

"Curse Retreated" is one of Loriya's portals You will find 7 chapters in the "Curse Retreated". Each chapter contains 5 different missions Read More...

22nd Mar 2021 , 7:04 AM

Introduction Of Loriya

Loriya is one of the elders of the Dynasty. She is a Time Traveler. She can visit through time and take you to many mysterious places where you can prove your abi Read More...

21st Mar 2021 , 5:21 AM

Story Line Of El-Tajin

Before ancient times, the world was full of terror and curses. It was a safe home for Evil creatures. The monsters were destroying the world with their madness. E Read More...

21st Mar 2021 , 4:49 AM

Rise of El-Tajin

Rise of El-Tajin is a portal of Gloria. Gloria can take you to mysterious places where you have to solve a mystery. Here Gloria gives you a mission to rise The Gr Read More...

21st Mar 2021 , 4:29 AM


Gloria is the sister of Loriya . She is also known as the Traveller in the game. She will open mythical Lands for you. If you can solve Gloria's portal, you w Read More...

21st Mar 2021 , 4:23 AM


Everybody loves to have a good avatar for themselves. Vampire Dynasty has a male and a female avatar. You can choose any avatar for display. Developers release some cool ou Read More...

21st Mar 2021 , 4:02 AM


Minions are the best companion of your Dynasty. They continuously produce blood for you. They help you to keep a positive blood flow in the game. So far 13 m Read More...